Windows & Power Washing

We provide our client with professional Windows Cleaning and Power Washing that is done using eco-friendly methods.

Windows Cleaning

Prime provides our clients with professional exterior (low rise buildings up-to 3 floors) and interior Window Cleaning services.

We only use biodegradable, eco-friendly cleaning solutions and 100% pure rubber squeegees to wipe across the glass which cleans your windows without building up a static charge that may attract more dirt and grime. The result is windows that stay clean longer!

Having your exterior windows cleaned makes your office brighter and cleaner instantly!

Power Washing

Pressure washing has come a long way from the days where you hook up the hose to a house tap and pull a trigger. Equipment, tools, and environmental concerns have changed the way that pressure washing is done today. Every job is different within it’s own ways, and every job requires a different approach to make sure that it is done completely and efficiently.

Prime offers complete pressure washing services for your residential, commercial and industrial projects. Water-based cleaning is the most effective method to clean surface dirt, faded paint, mold or mildew build-up, discoloration, and environmental pollutants. As with everything else we do, Prime only used biodegradable, eco-friendly cleaning solutions.