Move-in & Move-Out Services

Get your deposit back!. Similarly, don't hesitate to call us for your cleaning!

We can help you and make sure that the residence will be clean and spotless for the next habitant. We have prepared a cleaning checklist for tenants that we will review against your landlord's cleaning criteria in order to ensure that you leave your residence free from worry. We guarantee that a home cleaned by PRIME Cleaning Services will pass any landlord’s inspection.

After the removal of all furniture and belongings, PRIME Cleaning Services will prepare your apartment for inspection. This service includes a Detail and through cleaning of :

  1. Detailed cleaning of light fixtures, .Dust / wipe / vacuum ceiling fans doors, baseboards and moldings, windowsills & window frames. Vacuum & mop floors. Closets: Dust shelves.
  2. Bathroom cleaning: Including tiles, tubs, sinks, toilets, shower areas & doors, as well as inside medicine cabinets, light fixtures, cabinets & floors.
  3. Kitchen Cleaning : Clean & sanitize insides and outsides of all appliances. Scrub and wash cabinets. Put liners on shelves. Wash and polish all surfaces and clean the floors. Carefully clean all stainless steel, marble, tiles, upholstery, wood, and stone surfaces according to specification.